Nadia helps AMA women design and build sets for pesticide play

Nadia joined the YAYA team and a group of UCF students in AMA’s office in Seville, Florida and helped them design and build backdrops and props for a pesticide play. Members of Alianza de Mujeres Activas (AMA) will perform this play for local farm worker women and families. Through acting, AMA hopes to bring awareness about the hazards of pesticides  and pesticide drift when working with and near these dangerous chemicals, and how to contact poison control.


Puppets for Justice!

Under Nadia’s direction and with the help of local puppeteer Jamie Donmoyer, Members of YAYA, the Youth and Young Adult Network of the National Farmworker Ministry, got together in a series of workshops to design, construct and decorate parade puppets. YAYAs designed puppets that told the story of farmworkers. The sun represented hope, as well as the long workday of a farmworker. The working woman represented the families that pick our food, and the flower is one of YAYA’s logos, which demands the stop of pesticide use.

These puppets are fighting for justice, as they are being used in rallies and pacific marches that demand justice for farmworkers!