Arts for Social Change

ABC's Program As an activist and artist, Nadia considers arts crucial in the fight for justice, as arts can be effectively used to educate, and make political and social statements. Moreover, arts can have a positive and profound impact on the individual as arts can be healing and eye opening. Changes that occur at the individual level, do not only change individual lives, they change families and communities, strengthening relationships and promoting healthy interactions, and and in turn, generate social change. Nadia firmly believes that arts have a social responsibility and she bases her work on this belief. She facilitates artistic/social processes that explore oppressions and social issues, focus on personal transformations, and use theater and other arts as a tool for social change.

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In addition, Nadia’s work incorporates “community art,” which is not concerned with producing professional actresses, painters or dancers, but instead, it is concerned with the transformation of relationships that leads to the transformation of reality. Community art uses the people’s and the communities’ artistic resources. It uses creative expressions as a medium for understanding and critically looking at the social realities of a place, and aims at the transformation of these realities through the use of art.

“Nadia taught us how to express ourselves and represent feelings with different things like objects or colors.” Salvador

“Nadia taught us how to express ourselves
representing feelings with different things like objects or colors.”

Moreover, Nadia works promoting access to the arts. She believes that access to art is critical for the full personal, physical, and emotional development of the individual, therefore art should not belong to or be accessed only by the privileged. Nadia works with different organizations to provide art access to everyone regardless of their socio-economic status, so they can learn to express themselves in new ways and understand that different forms of art can be used to tell personal stories, raise consciousness, and promote social change.