Nadia is the author of “A Good Day for Pancake,” a production for children K-3rd grade. This production targets the 80% of children who are bystanders in bullying situations, and gives children the tools they need to prevent, stop, and deal with bullying.  Nadia also designed and built the set, props and some puppets for this production.

Moreover, Nadia is the co-author of “Little Heroes,” a production for K-5th grade children. This production uses age-appropriate metaphors to address domestic violence. It defines domestic abuse, educates the children about the importance of reporting these family situations, and gives the children tools to stay safe and understand that abuse is never their fault.

Furthermore, Nadia is also the author of “Super Agents,” a production for children 3rd-5th grade. This production gives children the tools they need to identify, prevent, stop, and deal with different types of bullying characteristic of this age group (including cyber bullying), while becoming responsible bystanders.