Una Borinqueña en Florida:

Soltera Pa’ Casarse:
The Ledger

Improv Español:
Hispanics make history with comedy in Spanish” El Nuevo Dia Newspaper, Full article
La Prensa

Se Dice Like This:
Vision Latina
La Prensa PartI
La Prensa Part II

“Under the direction of Michael Marinaccio, the play’s biggest strength
is its ability to maintain the mood of a surreal fable.” Orlando Sentinel

“Beautifully written and professionaly produced” Ink19

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Blogging Fringe

Women Behind Bars:
“My favorite was the hyperactive Puerto Rican Guadalupe (Nadia Garzon).”Ink 19

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“It’s a fun time, carried by the spirit and vinegar of Jack and his mother in law, dear Old Peasant Woman (Nadia Garzon).” Ink19