Voice Over

Nadia Garzon IMG_4418is a Bilingual voice over talent with 17 years of experience doing professional voice overs, and more than 22 years of experience in professional acting.

Nadia has dubbed for T.V. shows, recorded audiobooks, and voiced for animations, television, industrials and other A.V. products, radio, and websites, among others. She has voiced for Walt Disney World, Mc’Donalds, United Way, BB&T Bank, Viva Media, Florida Public Utilities, Houghton Mifflin College Division, Boston Richmond Publishing, McGraw-Hill Modern Languages, Pearson-Prentice Hall, Lowes, N.V. Energy, Discovery Channel, the Library of Congress, and more!

Nadia’s voice is friendly, hip, sexy, youthful, warm, sincere, fun, captivating and very versatile with an extensive range of styles and sounds including kid, teen, and characters. She has a beautiful Neutral Spanish and can also do a variety of Spanish Dialects such as Castilian, Venezuelan, Mexican, Argentinean and more. In addition she can do an array of accents in Spanish such as Italian, French, Chinese, and American amongst others. Nadia also has a charming accented English, which she can adapt according to your needs, depending whether you need a slight or thick Accent.

Listen to Nadia’s demos!


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