Nadia Presents at the ACC&U Conference in Seattle

Nadia, along with three more Rollins College Faculty and Staff representatives, was one of the presenters at the American Association of Colleges and Universities Conference in Seattle. The presentation focused on the infusion of community engagement (CE) courses in general education. The team talked about each one of their CE courses at Rollins and the support from the Community Engagement Office.

Nadia spoke about the creation and methodology of her “Community Arts and Activism” class. A course that actively explores the use of performing and visual arts in activism and social change, in which students develop and execute a Community Arts project with a local community organization.

Nadia would like to thank Rollins College and her colleagues for their support and amazing work!


Nadia believes it is extremely important to open spaces to engage in conversations about global education and community engagement; she also thinks the conversation needs to be centered in ethical and anti-colonial practices. “It seems that there is a strong interest in implementing ethical practices, but we cannot implement them if we don’t address the root causes of unethical practices (with oppression and privilege at the core), which are also connected to political turmoil and social inequality locally and abroad. We have a responsibility to address these issues; we owe it to our students, and most importantly, to the communities we work with, to our own communities, to our world.”