Nadia Creates Theater of the Oppressed Workshop and Manual Commissioned by the Joan Preiss Memorial

Nadia designed and facilitated an intensive two-day Theater of the Oppressed workshop for activists and organizations. Process included a 36 page written manual for reproduction of the work. Manual and workshop was commissioned by the Joan Preiss Memorial (2017-2018) under the National Farm Worker Ministry.

HOpe 3

The workshop took place at the Hope Community Center, and it was part of an effort from YAYA to find creative ways to support the efforts of farmworkers in their fight for justice!

Hope 2

“With Nadia’s spiritual spin, the ‘spect-actors’ were able to receive, not only their hopeful outcomes from the workshop but much more.” Transformation. Understanding. Trust. Peace.

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“[We] left the community center not only with a seemingly ethereal connection with all people we participated with, but a better understanding of ourselves and a new way to process and possibly begin to heal from the wounds inflicted by many of the oppressions we face. We also left equipped with the know-how necessary to disseminate the healing skills we’ve learned to communities that may not have access to them.” (Full review)

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Nadia is grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank all participants for making this such an unforgettable experience!