Nadia is working on a Community Art Project in Nicaragua!

Community Art 2For the past two months, Nadia has been working on a Community Art
project in a low-income neighborhood in León, Nicaragua. This project is sponsored by United Nations, and it is part of a “plan de desarrolllo comunitario” (community development plan) which has as central theme the prevention and eradication of the violence against women. This project is being launched by the organizations Relajo Nicaragua and the Colectivo Zanquistas Fuego y Son. The first phase of the project has focused on a “diagnóstico comunitario participativo” (participatory community diagnosis/research), in which the researchers/facilitators teach workshops using tools such as theater, and along with people from he neighborhood, through art, they research the needs and desires of the community, as well as the ideas, perceptions and practices related to hegemonic masculinity, sexual and reproductive rights, and gender violence. Community Art 1 Nadia, along with her colleagues Otto Manrique and Fernanda Siles, is working closely with the inhabitants of the Tomás Borge neighborhood, especially with a group of teens who thanks to this project, are now using art not only to reflect about their own reality, but also to ask questions and to raise awareness about violence.